Meet David & Cathy Roper

Although David & Cathy grew up in North Georgia—a mere 60 miles apart—God would not bring them together until they were both in their late 30's. Saved at early ages, God prepared them each for what would one day be ministry together. 

Shortly after graduating high school in 1972, David was afflicted with a rare muscle disease called "polymyositis" that almost took his life. During the intervening years God demonstrated over and over again His faithfulness. Through the circumstances of life, some of which satan meant for evil, God continues to bring good. The Lord positioned Cathy and David for a unique evangelistic ministry. David is an evangelist with a pastor's heart. He understands the longing of a pastor to see his church grow. Together, David and Cathy have experienced the joys and hardships of shepherding a flock. They've also experienced the "fire of adversity." From David's rare muscle disease and people's hesitation in allowing this couple to serve because of that condition, to the sickness and death of both parents, to a satanic attack on their pastoral ministry, to almost losing Cathy to a bleeding ulcer, to David breaking a leg and being confined to a wheelchair since 2005, to financial needs that only the Lord could supply, this couple knows what depending on God's sustaining power and His faithfulness means. The truths of 2 Corinthians 12:10 ( NKJV ) “For when I am weak, then I am strong.”, has been made manifest in their life. 

David and Cathy desire to declare Christ risen and to help advance the Kingdom in your local church and your community. 
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