What others are saying...
"As pastor to David & Cathy, it gives me a great deal of joy to commend them to you. I have had the privilege to serve as their pastor for many years now and I know them both to be people of utmost integrity. David has a real heart of passion for the Gospel of Christ and deeply loves the people that the Lord has placed in his life to minister to. I commend him to you with no reservations. Please use them - you will be blessed. Cathy would be delighted to speak to your ladies, and David would fit in any occasion where you need someone to preach the gospel."
Johnny Hunt 
Pastor, First Baptist Church 
Woodstock, GA
"Our church was so blessed by how David and Cathy ministered to the individuals of our congregation. I have never experienced a Bible conference in which I saw more one-on-one counseling after the services were over! Each individual felt open and comfortable sharing their burdens with David and Cathy. The fact that they loved and cared for our church and our people was abundantly clear. If you invite David and Cathy to your church or organization, you will not be disappointed. God is working mightily through their ministry."
 Ivy Jay Shelton
Pastor, Sherwood Baptist Church
Odessa, TX 
"It has been my privilege to observe how the Lord brought David and Cathy together. I have seen their close walk with the Lord. You will find them to be a couple who is morally pure, doctrinally sound, and passionate for reaching others for Christ. They are devoted to each other and desirous of ministering together for the Lord through His church. I am happy to recommend them to any church or ministry who is led to use them."
Rev. W. L. Collins
Retired Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church
Florence, SC 
"Many Pastors have horror stories of calling in someone to minister to their flock...That will never happen with David and Cathy. Your church will have their faith strengthened by David's competent Bible Exposition. Hearts will be stirred through David and Cathy's God honoring testimony of faithfulness through adversity. They have been my friends for over seven years. Their walk with God has stood the test of time and many trials. David and Cathy Roper are a gift to the local church."
Rev. Tony Nolan
"We never could have dreamed what God was about to do when we asked David and Cathy to lead our church in a revival. They came in as God's servants and messengers. Through David's preaching and Cathy's singing, a spiritual awakening took place in our midst. Though the actual meetings only lasted a few days, their impact remained ongoing. We had several come to know the Lord and many others rededicated their lives to the Lord. In fact, three new ministries came out of that revival! If your church wants to experience the presence of God and hear God's Word preached with conviction, then invite David Roper to speak. I will be asking David and Cathy to come and lead again very soon."
Rev. Timothy M. Rice
Pastor, Bethlehem Baptist Church
Fairburn, GA
"David Roper preaches with a sincerity and power that comes from walking with Jesus in a way few evangelists exhibit. Our experience with David & his dear wife Cathy at our church will be bearing fruit for the Kingdom of God for years to come."
 David M. Bartlett
Pastor, Hill View Baptist Church
Greenwood, MS 
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